No Nas, Hip-Hop is NOT dead.

Why I love Hip Hop


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One of the many ridiculous things that I run across in my day to day internet browsing is the melodramatic decree of “Hip Hop is dead.” This is really nothing new, I’ve been hearing people say that since roughly 1999. Let’s say for the sake of argument that Hip Hop is, in fact, dead.

Who is to blame? The businessmen who figured out how to pass off a parody of an entire culture as art? Should we blame the rappers who decided to embrace that parody and subsequently cash in on the watering-down of Hip Hop culture? Was Hip Hop’s death certificate signed when Biggie Smalls passed? Some people feel that “real rap” died along with him and Tupac Shakur. This can’t be the case; Sugarhill Gang rhymed stolen lyrics over a recycled disco beat long before Vanilla Ice rapped about ninja turtles and Sean “P.Diddy” Combs popularised outright plagiarism…

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