The Liebster Award

I was so excited to be nominated for this. Thanks to Andie! at TheBookHeap who nominated me. I’m a few weeks late on this. Sorry Andie, my workload was hectic. Now that my coursework has been handed in, I’m glad to be back.
The Liebster Award is an award given by a Blogger to other Bloggers as a way to promote their blog and to show an appreciation for them. The rules are below:


11 Facts about myself:
1. I am a clean freak. I actually enjoy cleaning and I’m extremely organised.

2. I wanted to be an Artist when I was young. I still love art but I haven’t sketched or painted in years.

3. I love to travel. I’ve visited many places-thanks to my Dad. Some I’ve been to more than once.

4. I am Bi-lingual; I can speak Punjabi as well as English. I am currently learning how to speak in Spanish. I hope to learn many more languages during my lifetime.

5. Ever since I found out that my ancestors were from Greece and Russia, I’ve been curious to learn more about the culture and I hope to visit both countries some day.

6. I started reading for pleasure when I was 17. I wished I had read at an earlier age. I used to read in school but I could never concentrate. I started with YA and contemporary and now my mind doesn’t wander, it used to be so frustrating not being able to concentrate.

7. My favourite book is The Great Gatsby, I also love the movie.

8. Once upon a time I wanted to be a film-maker. I think I prefer writing. Now I want to be an author and I would love to write a screenplay and witness my story come to life. I can’t wait to finish my exams so that I can start writing again. I haven’t written anything in so long.

9. I cut off all of my hair back in December. Best decision ever. I love my short hair.

10. I dropped out of college. It was the best decision I made, though at the time it was scary. I didn’t want to waste time and I thought dropping out would mean I was being left behind. But, the time off was much needed as I discovered I love writing. I never thought I would want to be an Author.

11. I have been studying 3 A-levels for the past year and I got a place at a really good University (number 1 choice). Now, I am seriously contemplating not going-for many reasons.

The following are Andie’s questions:

1.If you had the chance to rewrite the ending of a book, which book would you choose, and why?

I don’t usually do this, I never thought about doing this until I heard some Booktubers talk about changing the ending to Allegiant and it made sense, so I have a slightly different ending in my mind for the book Allegiant. But the more I think about it- I’ve ruined someone’s hard work and changed it because I thought I could have come up with something better (I can’t). So now I regret doing this and I think the ending did perfectly suit the story and I love Veronica Roth.

2.How have you found your book blogging experience so far?

I’ve been enjoying it. I love working on my blog, but exams and coursework deadlines have gotten in the way.

3.What is your favourite Season?

This might be weird, but I think like all seasons. I appreciate the Winter when its Winter and I appreciate the Summer when it’s Summer.

4. Favourite book genre?

I’m new to reading. I don’t have a favourite. I enjoy reading Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Contemporary and Non-Fiction. I usually read anything I’m in the mood to read.

5. Most influential book you’ve read?

Although this book is not a favourite of mine it has greatly influenced me. The book is; Divergent. It got me into reading more Dystopias and Sci-Fi books. It inspired me to write. I participated in the 2013 NaNoWriMo for the first time in my life. I love the book for so much more than the story.

6. Most under-appreciated book in your opinion?

Slammed-only recently have I noticed people talking about this book. I love it and the story behind this book. Colleen Hoover wrote it as a Christmas present for her mother-who then told her to sell it-she eventually published it herself. She went from living in a trailer to a nice big home.
I’m not sure why, but I really enjoyed reading it-mostly likely it was the romance that I liked.

7. Did you read much by yourself as a child?

No-I tried, could never follow the story. I was an Artist back then.

8. Audiobooks: Yay, or Nay?

I tried it and I didn’t particularly like them.

9. Do you prefer books with “Classic” looking covers (aka just the title in simple font) or do you prefer the more modern versions with images and pictures on the cover?

I don’t have a preference- If I love the artwork of a particular ‘Classic’ I’d buy that.

10. Do you have a GoodReads account?

Yes! Heres the link:

11. Do you want to be an author yourself? Or are you happy just to be a reader?

Yes, I hope to become an Author. I’m new to reading and as much as I enjoy it-I love writing and making up stories of my own.

Bloggers I nominate:

Lucy at ThatCollegiateGirl
Annie at SwimTeamMom
Toni at TonisBookBlog

Your questions:
1. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
2. What would you ask them?
3. Do you prefer to read the book first or watch the movie first?
4. What book would you love to see be made into a movie?
5. Name a hobby, other than reading.
6. How many places have you visited?
7. Your favourite book? (You can name more than one)
8. If you could live anywhere in the world-where would you live?
9. Your dream job?
10. Most influential book you’ve read?
11. Do you think the decision to not graduate from University is the worst mistake a person can make?

This is your award. Congratulations!


2 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Short hair is amazing.I miss having it but I need to keep mine long at the moment so I can tie it back for work *le woe*


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