Read 10 before I buy

Read 10 before you buy is exactly what it sounds like. I’m not sure who I can credit this idea to, but I have heard about it a lot on YouTube.

Initially I didn’t see the point to this, and if I didn’t go on holiday or if I wasn’t tired of my lack of self-control in purchasing books, I may not have participated in this project.

Over a month ago, I was on holiday, and in preparation for it I bought way too many books. I told myself ‘this book is on sale for God knows how long’, THANK you Christmas Sales. When I looked at my bank statement, I was ashamed that I wasted so much money. I like having nice clothes, even though I hate shopping for them, but I end up spending my money on books.

I kept buying and buying and nothing could stop me. I had spent most of last year not allowing myself to buy anything that I didn’t need or have time for, but when I looked at all of my spending for last year, I hadn’t deprived myself like I thought I had. For some reason I thought I was controlling my spending. I HADN’T. I honestly don’t know how this happened.

I was raised to not waste money, by my mother, I think I picked this habit up from my father.

The best way I know I will actual use something, is if I really want it. Or in this case, if I’m interested in that particular book, I’d want to read it when I’m in the mood to read (this is why I love e-books).

Anyway, I was determined to read all the books I had purchased. I wasn’t planning on participating in this project because I know how I am. Sometimes I just want to buy a book or two and I won’t allow anything to get in the way of that.

I admitted to myself that I was participating in this after I had read, maybe 14 books and I hadn’t purchased any during that time, that’s when I knew I could do this.

These are the first 10 books I’ve read:

1   Revolver    Jan 2
2   Cinder    Jan 10
3   House of Pomegranates    Jan 12
4   The Warrior Heir    Jan 18
5   Opal    Jan 18
6   The Ocean at the End of the Lane    Jan 18
7   Since You’ve Been Gone    Jan 29
8   A Midsummer Night’s Dream    Jan 31
9   Blue Lily, Lily Blue    Feb 2
10   Steelheart    Feb 15

Click on book titles for book reviews.

The Book I Bought: The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson

Buying books has become difficult. Actually I am not as interested in it as I once was. I am close to completing my 2nd project 10 books and that is when I decided to buy the Sanderson book. And I only bought it because it was on sale.

I would say this project is very beneficial to those with a competitive nature. Challenge yourself to read the books you own or read books you really want to read and don’t be impulsive and waste your hard earned money.

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