NaNoWriMo: Day 1 (The Beginning)

I thought I might write a little something about my experience participating in NaNoWriMo. This is going to be in the style of NaNo; unedited. Last year I kept myself away from the internet because I really wanted to win after I’d lost the previous year. But I’m not so afraid this year. I’m going to try to take it easy, not be critical of my story and just write whatever makes me happy and excited for this story.

First day of NaNoWriMo. I woke up late, lazily did my regular morning routine. It’s 11:38am and I’m about to write. I’ve got my glass of water and terry’s chocolates the orange ones.

The thing I didn’t do all week was work on the world building for my novel. I’d wanted to but I got busy doing other things that took up too much of my time.

Now I don’t really know or remember what my story is about.
I just have to read a few pages and I’m sure the story will come back to me.

What I feel like doing is listening to ‘Hotline Bling’, I can’t get it out of my head. I write 200 words listen to the song on repeat until I’m annoyed by it.

Write a little bit more and now I can’t help but think about the things that bother me. Feeling angry for no reason, just angered by things that have happened to me and my family. This always happens, when I’m trying to focus on writing, I get distracted by things that aren’t important. I don’t like feeling angry. I know it doesn’t serve a purpose for me, except just frustrate me and it makes me a negative person. Positivity is so important.
1448 words written, its 3:49pm and I’m starving, I missed my lunch. I am such a slow writer.
I’ve gotten to a point in the story that I don’t know where it’s heading. I need food.
But I want to write another 200 before I get up and make something to eat.
1708 words written. 4:05pm. I’m starving, I’m going to make myself some Kimchi noodles.

I didn’t go to eat. I checked on NaNoWriMo twitter and they’d tweeted to turn on your favourite piece of music and include it (or the feeling it invokes) in your story. And I did. For 12 minutes I wrote. I’m at 1950 words. My story took a different turn because of this. It’s heading in a direction that I never thought it could go but it makes perfect sense. I’m actually excited about what it could mean.
I don’t want to stop writing because the pressure for the day has passed. And if there is a day in this month that I don’t get an opportunity to write. I will have words written.

2227 words written by the end of day one. I wrote a little just before going to bed.

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