NaNoWriMo: Day 3 (Music is my inspiration)

I feel like crap today. No actually, I’m not too bad. The cold weather just makes me think that way. I’m great, chocolate works wonders.

3:30pm I didn’t start writing until now. Saw a youtube video-felt inspired and wrote 172 words

Its after 5:30pm and I’m on nano twitter. I scrolled down to the older tweets for word prompts. I wrote 344 words. I’m at 5,096 words. I want to write another 2000 words. I’m going to continue with the twitter word prompts and see what happens.

7:08pm I’m going to take a break now. 5449 words written. 869 words written today. One of the good things about Nano is the stats page on their website. When you update it, it shows you your progress. Being able to see it, makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something.

8pm listening to Adeles new song, I feel like writing a heartbreaking romance. I managed to write 155 words.

11pm been listening to Alicia Keys ‘songs in a minor’, whenever I listen to that album, I always feel so sad. At least it got me to write. nano word sprints haven’t been working for me today. 6,654 words written, not feeling like I’ve accomplished much. I’m already worrying about the next word target. I need tea, I’m not sleeping anytime soon, again I’ve messed up my sleep schedule.

WORD COUNT (DAY 3): 6654

7 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Day 3 (Music is my inspiration)

  1. Yay you!! I share your love of updating those numbers and seeing that graph “grow,” when I feel frustrated that I’m not making my personal goals it’s there to remind me, I’m more on track than I thought.

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  2. You’re doing great! I haven’t written yet today, but I think I’ll try soon. I just don’t feel interested in my story. I’ve been trying to write in linearly, but I think I might just jump around and do specific scenes I’ve already plotted out instead of making up how to get there.

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