NaNoWriMo: Day 7 (Trying to get back into writing)

6:30am It’s taking me awhile to get back into writing. I know I have to write something but I haven’t done it yet. I guess this is normal after taking a two day break.

6:45am I’ve been thinking about one of my characters and I feel really sorry for him. I kinda wanna try to change his outcome because I want him to have a happy ending but at the same time, it’s important for the story if I don’t go changing things because of how I feel.

It’s a strange feeling, I never understood why writers spoke about their characters like they were real people. I’m like that with horror movies too, I know it’s not real and it’s hard to find some things scary. They can be creepy but I always know it’s not real.

My character isn’t real but it’s still sad, even when you’re writing it.

I think I’m going to give him small victories, just to make myself feel better.

11pm I’m not sure where the day went. Read a little, then took a nap that turned into hours and hours of sleep. Then spent the evening with the family. Nov 5th was bonfire night but that was on a school night. My niece and nephew were over, it was mainly for them that we had a bonfire night.

It reminded me of something that I wanted to include in my story. Peoples traditions and festivities. What kind of things do the people in my fantasy setting believe in? What are their traditions? Do they care about their environment?

This I should have done before Nanowrimo. I failed to do the world building last year too and I changed my mind so much. I never did delete anything, but at the end of it when I went through the nano document. It was so painful to read and I understand first drafts are like that but nothing fit together. I didn’t understand how I wanted to tell the story. What to leave in and what to take out. It was hard to put the pieces together because I didn’t plan it out and I’d forgotten most of what I wanted to say.

Apparently I’m a planner, which you might have figured out on your own but I still don’t think it. I like to plan but too much planning drives me crazy, I need to write and see what happens. I think I’m both; planner and pantser.

Total word count (day 7): 11,154

I didn’t meet my goal today but I’m not upset about it. I know I can catch up because Nanowrimo has reminded me that writing isn’t scary and that I shouldn’t be critical of my work even before I’ve written it.

If anyone’s interested in adding me as a buddy on nano, heres my profile: AlinaRM19.

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