Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone thoughts

I’ve never read Harry Potter until now. Actually I listened to the audiobook narrated by Stephen Fry.

For years I felt the pressure to read this book. I finally don’t care if I get judged for not having read the series, because of this, I was able to enjoy the story. And I can understand why people are so attached to this story. Those judge-y people probably grew up reading this, for them it’s a different feeling.

For me however, I felt some nostalgia. I remember watching the first movie with my sisters.

Movie Ron was great but the book Ron-I adored.

I loved Stephen Fry as a narrator. He makes it easier to envision the story. The voices of the characters were similar to the actors voices in the movies.

In some parts, the writing reminded me of Roald Dahl’s writing.

I can’t think of flaws, that might be because I saw the movie as a kid. I wouldn’t change anything, even though some parts bored me, I still wouldn’t change it and I don’t consider it to be a flaw.

I want to read the entire series this year. I hope the characters show development and they deal with psychological problems (i.e. Harry growing up in a loveless home. Not getting the attention, love and affection children need. That affects people in a serious way when they get older).



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