About Me

I don’t want to be defined by my career choices.

I am a 24 year old woman.

I read, write, draw and paint.

I’m writing a (cant define the genre, but I guess High Fantasy) novel. Have been since November 2014.

Drawing/painting is something that wholeheartedly makes me happy.

I admire those who read at a young age. I never did as I couldn’t visualise the stories I was reading. I forced myself to read at 17 and I learned that stories have deeper meanings. Something that I always found in Hip Hop, I could also find in books.

Music, esp Hip hop is another thing I love. It got me to write-I couldn’t imagine myself as a rapper nor did I want to become one but I was drawn to the eloquence of rappers; their ability to mix social and political issues into poetry. I would emulate their writing styles for my own poems/stories as a teenager.

Thank you for checking out my blog. This place is about books, music, possibly art and miscellaneous thoughts about life.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I don’t think it matters how we come to reading – books will always be there – that’s the really cool thing about them. I mean, today we can read books written hundreds of years ago – doesn’t that blow your mind?

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  2. Pursuant to our conversation on my blog, following are my favorite books on writing – many of them are very old but the information 24K gold in my mind. 🙂

    Aspects of the Novel by EM Forster


    The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri


    A Movable Feast by Ernest Hemingway


    Other good writing books:

    The Hero’s Journey
    On Writing by Stephen King
    The Power of the Myth and The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

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