There are a bunch of readathons going on this month and it’s making me want to read. I just need to avoid all distractions.

(Click on Book titles for more information on Goodreads. FYI Quintana of Charyn is the final book in the trilogy. For spoilers sake, please avoid the link).

‘Quintana of Charyn’ by Melina Marchetta
I’ve read the first two books ‘Finnikin of the Rock’ and ‘Froi of the Exiles’. I just want to know how this ends. I’m half way done, but one character who I used to love in the other books is really annoying. But everything is else is great.

‘These Broken Stars’ by Amie Kaufman & Meagon Spooner
Thanks to booktubers, I really want to read this.

‘The Archived’ by Victoria Schwab or V. E. Schwab
I don’t know. I may or may not read it. I hope I do.

‘Red Rising’ by Pierce Brown
I think I’m going to enjoy this.

‘Vicious’ by V. E. Schwab or Victoria Schwab
This book sounds really cool.

‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding
I haven’t been spoiled on this. The fact that I know there is a spoiler might mean that I have been spoiled. I need to stop thinking about the spoiler.

‘Slaughterhouse Five’ by Kurt Vonnegut
I don’t know much about this. But I think I’m going to love it. I just want to understand what makes a book stand out from the rest and continue to be read after decades have past.

‘This Side of Paradise’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite novels and I’ve been meaning to read other books written by F Scott Fitzgerald. This Side of Paradise is his first novel that he wrote at the age of 23 and a lot of people seemed to like this novel when it was first released. Goodreads hasn’t given me any info on the book except for ‘semiautobiographical story of the handsome, indulged, and idealistic Princeton student Amory Blaine’ and ‘This Side of Paradise captures the rhythms and romance of Fitzgerald’s youth and offers a poignant portrait of the “Lost Generation” ’.

‘Tender is the Night’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Goodreads reviewers have convinced me this is going to be great.

I have never stuck to my TBR and I don’t usually make them. I read what I’m in the mood to for as the reading experience is better for me when I don’t force myself. However, some of these books I keep delaying even though I want to read them. I’m hoping this TBR will help me. I haven’t read a book in a month and I miss it.